Fashion Brand Be A Bimbo Launches Bimbo Girls Program

LONDON – Be A Bimbo, the sex worker-positive fashion brand, today announced the launch of the Bimbo Girls program, which will empower and support women who enjoy being ultra-feminine.

“We want to create a safe haven and supportive family for women around the world who enjoy being bimbos,” Be A Bimbo founder Alicia Amira said.

The Bimbo Girls will be ambassadors for the Be A Bimbo brand, with exclusive first access to our designs. They will represent Be A Bimbo in public and be part of our shoots, parties, promotional events and other occasions. Each month we will allocate a portion of our products towards helping our Bimbo Girls achieve their own “Bimbo potential” and assist them with talent management, support and guidance.

“Being a bimbo can be a lonely experience in today's world,” Alicia continued. “It’s hard to find other women who enjoy the same fashion, body modification and sexual empowerment. There are so many mistakes you can make on the way to embracing your femininity and I have made many of them. That’s why I want to be able to pass my knowledge on to women who are new to the scene and offer them my support."

The first Bimbo Girl will be announced on Valentine's Day and additional details of the program will be released in the following weeks.

“It's important to me to end the stigma that bimbos are airheads,” Alicia said. “We are women who are empowered, creative and in charge of our sexuality – who doesn't want to be a bimbo?”

Check out Amira’s controversial article “This Body Modder Wants to Turn Herself into a Sex Doll” in VICE at

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About Alicia Amira: Alicia Amira became famous in the summer 2016, when The Sun and Daily Mail told the story of her remarkable transformation from public relations professional to blonde bombshell. Since then, she’s been featured in documentaries for medias like Vice and interviews with various fashion/art magazines like Kaltblut Magazine & MEL Magazine, starred in adult films by Brazzers, and amassed 289.000 followers on Instagram (@alicia_amira).

About Be A Bimbo: Be A Bimbo is a sexworker-friendly fashion brand with lines of apparel and accessories that promote and empower sexuality. The brand is operated by BAB Entertainment LLC, an adult fashion company founded by Alicia Amira in December 2018. 

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