Alicia Amira Unveils Line of Plastic Positive Apparel on Be A Bimbo

Dolls and Divas Who Design Their Own Beauty

LONDON – Alicia Amira, adult star and founder of Be A Bimbo today announced the addition of a new line of “plastic positive” apparel for women everywhere who are proud to have designed their own beauty. 

“Historically, society has expected women to hide or deny having had plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancements. But as cosmetic surgery goes mainstream, more and more women are standing up to say, ‘I’m plastic and I'm proud of it,’” said Amira said. “We have designed these new crop tops for the women, divas, queens and bimbos everywhere who aren't afraid to design their own life, their own dreams, and their own beauty – literally and figuratively.”

The new collection is available at and includes three crop tops, each emblazoned with a plastic positive message – "Plastic," "Fake" or the Bimbo Girl icon of an enhanced beauty inspired by fashion dolls. 

“Most girls playing up with Barbie or Bratz dolls and they create beautiful dream worlds with them,” Alicia explained. “But as they grow older, society teaches these creative girls that they have to be this or that or do this or that in order to be respected and accepted. We at Be A Bimbo say: To hell with those admonitions! We encourage all women everywhere to live their dreams and never let anyone affect what they dare dream about.”  

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About Alicia Amira: Alicia Amira became famous in the summer 2016, when The Sun and Daily Mail told the story of her remarkable transformation from public relations professional to blonde bombshell. Since then, she’s been featured in documentaries for medias like Vice and interviews with various fashion/art magazines like Kaltblut Magazine & MEL Magazine, starred in adult films by Brazzers, and amassed 289.000 followers on Instagram (@alicia_amira).

About Be A Bimbo: Be A Bimbo is a sexworker-friendly fashion brand with lines of apparel and accessories that promote and empower sexuality. The brand is operated by BAB Entertainment LLC, an adult fashion company founded by Alicia Amira in December 2018. 

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