Be A Bimbo Keeps the Merch Machine Running, Including New Limited Edition Oversized Hoodies

Alicia Amira’s ITV Appearance Now Available on YouTube

LONDON – Be A Bimbo continues to release more plastic-positive merch with one of the new highlights being a limited edition oversized hoodie.

The Bimbo Girl hoodie is slutty, comfy and softer than cotton candy – perfect for lounging, travel or recovering after surgery. It sports the Be A Bimbo logo and fits men and women. It’s available in unisex sizes medium and large.

Other fun new Be A Bimbo items include the sparkling Bitch hairpin and the Queen Waist Chain, 135 cm of bedazzled goodness. Looks great for those days when you leave the Bimbo Waist Chain at home or increase your fun by wearing them together!

Be A Bimbo founder Alicia Amira was on British channel ITV’s This Morning program last week and the response has been overwhelming and overwhelmingly positive. Much of the segment is now available to view on YouTube and here is one of Alicia’s many quotables:

“My aim is to show people that you don’t have to be stupid to be a bimbo, this is my choice. For a long time I didn’t look like this, I didn’t embrace my feminine side as much because I didn’t think that I would be interpreted as being smart if I did. If you look hypermasculine it’s not a negative thing, but if you look hyperfeminine you are stupid? Obviously I know I’m an extreme case and not every woman out there would want to look like me, they think it’s horrible, but I just want to encourage women everywhere to be confident enough to take ownership of their own sexuality and to embrace the femininity even if it’s just the smallest thing.”

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About Alicia Amira: Alicia Amira became famous in the summer 2016, when The Sun and Daily Mail told the story of her remarkable transformation from public relations professional to blonde bombshell. Since then, she’s been featured in documentaries for medias like Vice and interviews with various fashion/art magazines like Kaltblut Magazine & MEL Magazine, starred in adult films by Brazzers, and amassed 289.000 followers on Instagram (@alicia_amira).

About Be A Bimbo: Be A Bimbo is a sexworker-friendly fashion brand with lines of apparel and accessories that promote and empower sexuality. The brand is operated by BAB Entertainment LLC, an adult fashion company founded by Alicia Amira in December 2018. 

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