Becoming a Bimbo

Have you ever secretly dreamed of dressing a bit sluttier? Or perhaps having bigger boobs? Tinting your hair some outrageous color? Wearing something that others might consider "too much"? Or maybe you just wish that you had the confidence to do your makeup a little bit more dramatically in your daily life? If so - then you know exactly how I used to feel. 

My name is Alicia and I'm a self-proclaimed bimbo... and, yes I know, you already know that. But what you don't know is that I haven't always looked like this, lived like this, or been like this. I once was just an ordinary woman. 

I went on what we're all taught to think is the right path: Go to high school and get good grades so you can get into a top university. Finish your Bachelor's degree, then get your Masters. Get a good apartment in the city and start building your middle-class life. That's what's recommended by our society's finest. And that's what I did.

But I harbored a secret.  I've always been fascinated with the appearance of ultra-feminine women in control of their own sexual power. From a very young age I had dreamed of being a living work of art and an object of desire. But I struggled to find any real inspiration or outlet for this interest and fascination. 

Everywhere I looked - in TV, books, magazines, etc. - the women that looked the most glamorous and dazzling to me were being called "bimbos"... Meaning they were stupid and less than every other woman. And I knew that I wasn't stupid or less than every other women. So I thought "I better not look like that... cause that wouldn't be socially acceptable, would it?" 

I didn't tell anyone about my secret dream. Who could I tell about dreams like these? Surely no one "normal" would support it. They'd just say that it's not the path or career a smart girl should wish for herself.  I found myself on a path that was leading me into a successful life... one that everyone around me thought I wanted, but I actually didn't. 

And then one day I woke up from this haze of stigma, judgment, fear and prejudices and I finally realized: I can change this. I have to change this! Our society creates so much fear around women's sexuality and it keeps people from thinking for themselves. But making the change proved to be the hardest thing I ever did. It was strange, because until then I'd never had any obstacles in my life. I came from a wealthy family, and I had a sheltered and happy childhood. I had an easy time in school and was always been popular with both girls and guys... 

It's not an exaggeration to say that nothing in my life had been challenging until the day I chose to dress how I wanted, do my hair and makeup how I wanted, and work with what I wanted. Isn't that just ironic? Once I became a bimbo, I was met with more judgment than I had ever encountered before in my life. And from that judgment came a realization: It's about time someone stood up against this. It's about time we stand up for our dreams instead of pretending to be someone, or something, we are not!

It was disheartening that I, as a woman, would be judged for looking ultra-feminine when it was my choice and my dream. It was frustrating that people assumed I was stupid just because I dressed provocatively. And it was infuriating that women who didn't look the same felt entitled to point and laugh. That's why I decided to do everything I could to make it easier for future women who are bimbos, women who wish they could dress how they want, and women who are being taken less seriously because they look too feminine. 

So if you were one of the women who could recognize yourself when I asked if you have ever thought of dressing more slutty or having bigger boobs, coloring your hair, or dressing up a little "too much"? This is your time! My message to you is this: Don't live your life being half the woman you can be. Be you -- and do it 100%. 

Be a Bimbo is a movement of utmost importance for women like us everywhere. Together we can end the stigma. Together we can create a world where a woman can be proud to be a woman, proud to embrace her femininity, and proud to take ownership of her own sexuality without anyone thinking less of her.

A woman who embraces her inner bimbo is smart, savvy, creative, beautiful, strong, empowered, inspiring... She is everything but stupid.