Letting My Inner Bimbo Out to Play

So there I was, eager to live my dream, to look like and BE a bimbo... But what was the best way to make the dream reality? What should I do first? Should I just throw out all my old black and boring clothes and dive into the deep end of pink bimbo magic? Lord knows I wanted to, but how, when and where? And questions of fashion weren't the only ones that concerned me. Bigger, scarier questions consumed me, like "what will my family and friends think of me?"

And that’s when I realized the truth. This wasn't really about changing who I was to become a bimbo, it was a matter of revealing who I already was. It was about looking like the bimbo I felt like I already was inside.

Let me ask you this: Have you ever been home alone and dressed really slutty, just to look at yourself in the mirror? Or have you made some slutty moves in front of a mirror, pouting and feeling like you’re that bitch? That’s your inner bimbo talking. But, if you’re like me back then, you changed your clothes, threw a cardigan on to cover up, wore flats, and suppressed your sexy attitude. You kept your inner bimbo hidden.

Becoming a bimbo isn’t about changing who you are inside, it’s about letting that bimbo inside you out to play. You need to let her out to have some fun, because surely she deserves it after being hidden from the world for a long time.

Once I understand that, everything fell into place. I bought my first pink blouse. Granted, it was a turtle neck, BUT times were different when I started being a bimbo - the fashions weren't as slutty and fabulous as they are today, and it was hard to find proper bimbo clothes. So pink turtleneck it was! Then I had long blonde extensions fitted, not because you have to be a platinum blonde to be a bimbo, but because that's my aesthetic. I already had acrylic nails, but I made them longer and chose more vibrant and noticeable colors. These might seem like little things in 2019, but they weren’t in 2014. Another thing that not many women did was wear fake eyelashes as part of their everyday look. Just a small thing like doing that made people look at me differently. Yep, I know - conservative much? I've always been into heavy makeup, so that wasn't a big change for me. I simply just added a pair of long falsies and my makeup became more Bimbo instantly.

Little by little I started to search for the perfect bimbo clothes. Again, this was 2014 and there was NOTHING. Trust me. N.O.T.H.I.N.G except either "goth" or "cyber" and I was neither. I started to only buy my clothes in sex-shops or the H&M kids department. I could find the most amazing pink designs in there and, being 5'5 and slim. I could squeeze into a size 10-12 years. On me, the fit became slutty instead of childlike. Perfect!

Little by little, my wardrobe turned pink, my shoes got sparkly, and my jewelries became statement pieces. And this is when the stares, points, and laughs started occurring when I walked in public. I've always loved attention, but I've never received attention this way before. It was like no matter what I was wearing people found a reason to stare at me. It certainly took me a while to get used to in the beginning, but strangely I quickly started to love it! I always had this little voice in my head telling me "if they want to stare, then give them a reason to stare" and so I did. I mean, when you think about it, imagine being able to stop conversations just by your very presence... no matter if it's out of disgust or arousal, it's an extreme power people give you, so take advantage of that power and use it to your benefit!

Once I got used to the attention and power, one worry remained: What would my family say? At the end of the day, what strangers think of you means less than what your own family thinks. I'm an only child and therefore I'm also very close with my parents, so it would have devastated me if they didn't like how dressed or how I did my makeup. Luckily it turned out my worries were moot! All my parents had to say was "it's lovely to see you wear some more colors" and once on a cold winter day, my mum said "aren't you going to be cold in that?" And that's it. Why was I so worried? I know I've been blessed with my family, and not everyone is as lucky to have such a huge support from their parents as I do. Even so I genuinely believe that if allow yourself to be your authentic self, the important people in your life will accept it. It's obvious when someone is pretending and it's obvious when they are being 100% true to themselves. The person who is true to themselves is the happier person, and at the end of the day your happiness means more to your family than anything else in the world.

So to anyone who is worried about what him, him, and her will think of you, I can only advise you to think more about what YOU will think of you. What will make YOU happy? Other people's opinion of you don't matter, and if you don't dress like the bimbo you've always wanted to, the one person you’re letting down is yourself. So go for your dream! You owe it to yourself. Don't be scared to be feminine or sexual... don't be scared to be you!

If you’re ready, I've put together a list for things you can start with. Don’t feel like you need to go all in right away. Remember I started out by wearing a pink turtle neck and now I'm strutting in 6" heels daily with slutty outfits that show off my arms, cleavage, belly, and legs. Remember, we’re all different, so you be the bimbo YOU want to be and do it in your own pace!

  • Start by purchasing one accessory or piece of clothing you really want to wear, and pair it with some of your old clothes.
  • Change your makeup routine. Add some more colors, more lip gloss or heavier lashes. You can even draw your eyebrows a bit higher than usual to allow room for more eyeshadow and bigger eyes. If you're really bold why not try to draw your eyebrows a little thinner? It will make your makeup look instantly sluttier!
  • Get acrylic nails. Start with a short set to get used to them. If you already have a short set, why not try to make your nails a little longer next time?
  • Bimbo looks are all about accessorizing, so try to wear more accessories together. Earrings, necklaces, waist chains, rings, bracelet etc. Big hoop earrings are always a go-to.
  • Bimbos don't have to dress in pink. Find your own fav color and wear it when you dress like a bimbo. Maybe you're more alternative or goth? The bimbo movement embrace all kinds of hyper feminine and sexual queens, from pink plastic doll to goth bimbo.
  • Try to wear high heels as part of your everyday look. It makes any outfit pop!
  • Wear something that emphasizes your already beautiful curves, even if its just one piece of clothing. Tight fit dresses, crop tops, leggings or short skirts are always a go to.
  • Take good care of your hair! Your hair is just as important a part of your look as your nails or makeup, so make sure to use a good hair mask and get it cut often to make it look healthy. Alternatively, wear some permanent extensions, or some clip in extensions for volume, or even lace front wigs.
  • Remember it's not about changing who you are, it's about BEING who you are. So if you don't feel comfortable wearing something even in private, chances are you shouldn't wear it in public. Go with something that makes you feel good and sexy and most important something you have fun in! It's okay to be self-conscious, and it's important you take your time to discover what kind of bimbo you are. We are all different, but we are all beautiful!
  • One last piece of advice: Be noisy. And by that I mean wear something that makes a noise. When you're wearing a lot of accessories together, clicking your acrylic nails, and walking in heels at the same time, you will make a lot of noise, and you will know you have the perfect amount of accessories on.